The Cincinnati Nature Center

January 1, 2016

The Cincinnati Nature Center unveiled their rebuild in November. Our team worked with the staff at the nature center to create a visually pleasing, yet functional website that was easy to navigate.

How We Helped

Our design team, along with a project manager, created a cleaner website and organized the content in a way that was easy to navigate. The Cincinnati Nature Center website contains a lot of information for users, so ease of use and organization were important.

The banner and homepage were reorganized to showcase the most important information, while the content was rearranged to fit 9 pages on the website. This allows users to view the pages they need quickly and they won’t struggle to find what they’re looking for.

They used some of our great model features that allows them to show the same content on multiple pages, yet they only have to update it in once place. This saves them time when editing the content since they don’t have to go to different pages to edit the same information.

In the end, we created a website that the client loved. They were happy with the clean, new look and the features that came with the website model.

What Services They Use

The Cincinnati Nature Center uses our CMS Tools service, which allows them to edit and update their site at any time.

They also used our mobile site service. We created a mobile site to correlate with their desktop site and it also makes them compliant with Google’s new standards for mobile websites. Just like the desktop site, they can edit and update their mobile website any time using the CMS Tools.

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