Featured Website: Wood County ESC

August 1, 2019

Wood County Educational Services Center launched their new website over the summer. 


We worked with the administration at Wood County ESC to condense their content into 5 main pages and we provided 8 mini-callouts on their home page that link to various pages on their site. The home page features a pull from the news page under the mini-callouts where site visitors can see the most recent news entries. 


These updates allow their visitors to quickly access information, which is vital on websites that are full of much-needed information for the public. Wood County ESC's website utilizes our modules on the responsive model to display the necessary content in a clear, concise way that is useful for site visitors. 


One design feature on this website is the circle navigation at the top of the website. Our design team matched the circles for each page with a color from Wood County's colorful logo to tie it together. 


If someone is accessing the website from a mobile device or a tablet, the design will change to fit the aspect of the screen. This means the site is responsive and will be easily accessed and navigated on a phone or a tablet, too. 


We enjoyed working with the staff at Wood County Educational Services Center on this project to give them a website that's visually appealing and easy to navigate. 


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Wood County Educational Services Center's website