Practical Use of Site

July 29, 2016

It is important that your website is a practical destination for everyone who will be utilizing the site. While the design elements and branding are very important to match your businesses identity, it’s just as important that your sites functionality enforces the action that you want the visitor to complete. For example if the goal of your site is to have a visitor fill out a contact form, download a PDF, get directions, etc., they should know that immediately when going to your site. 

Create a Call To Action
Once you figure out the goal of your website, the next thing you should do is create a strong “Call to Action” on your homepage. This can be anything from “Shop Now!” to “Contact us today to get your free estimate.” 

These are important because it get clients acting without having to think about what to do on your website. When visiting your site, or searching for anything online for that matter, the visitor is looking for an answer to their question.  Your job is to give them that answer and lead them to your product or services as their solution. 

Have a Detailed Products or Services Page
Clients are looking to see how you can help them. If you’re offering specific products and/or services, you need to list them out.  This lets your customers see exactly what you offer without taking time to call or email. People searching for what you offer can also find you if you have content about your products on your website. 

Speak to Your Audience
Remember, you developed your site to better reach customers and your content should reflect that. Think about main points your customers encounter and how your products or services remedy such problems. If possible, write from their perspective. Empathizing with their situation provides a clearer direction for what content is relevant; and what’s not. 

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