Making Your Website Practical for Your Clients

June 16, 2014

prac·ti·ca l /ˈpraktikəl/; adjective : intended to be useful or appropriate, not just fashionable or attractive

It is important that your website is a practical destination for everyone who will be utilizing the site. While the design elements and branding are very important to match your businesses identity, it’s just as important that your sites functionality enforces the action that you want the visitor to complete. For example if the goal of your site is to have a visitor fill out a contact form, download a PDF, get directions, etc., they should know that immediately when going to your site.

The Legend Web Works team assists each and every client to make sure their site is practical for their business and a resource for their clients.

Another great example of this is We worked with the client to create a destination that actually benefits the company and its clients. If you look at their homepage you can see they have clear action items such as “Start a Project”, “Request a Quote”, “Place an Order”, and more.

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