Make the Web Work for You with Custom Features

May 25, 2012

You want to develop a new website, but you don’t want it to be like everyone else’s, right?  Of course not.  Legend Web Works understands that when designing a website, you want custom features that speak to your particular audience; and helps you stand out above others.  Maybe you want a custom feature on your website to engage an audience or find the nearest place where your products or services are sold.  Whatever you’re looking for, Legend Web Works can develop custom features for your website to aide in delivering your message more effectively to your target audience.


Recently, Legend Web Works designed a website for, a pet care provider that specializes in medical and grooming services.  For their particular website, we’ve added a pet voting club where people can upload photos of their pets and vote for others’ pets.  Taking it a step further, we’ve enabled a number of the photos with links to Facebook so users can share their choice with friends.  When a certain pet’s photo reaches 300 votes, the owner is entitled to a $100 voucher for pet care services with PetWow.  Not only does the voting club engage PetWow’s customers, but it encourages others to partake in the pet voting club.

Enhanced Search

Another recent website we’ve developed is for a local ViSalus distributor. ViSalus distributors are all over the U.S. and they wanted to make it simple for others to find the right one.  That’s why we’ve added a “find a distributor” search where users can locate distributors by name or zip code.  Doing so allows users to find a distributor they’ve been referenced to, or they can inquire with the nearest distributor if they’re interested in becoming a ViSalus consultant.  The easier it is for users to find information on your website, the more likely they are to return; or better yet, purchase your product or service. 

Adding custom features to your website can really make a difference with your audience.  In addition to making your site easy to use and visually appealing, custom features can engage an audience or enhance their search for certain products or services. 

Do you have questions about adding custom features to your website? Contact Legend Web Works today to see what custom features would work best for your website.