If Your Website Was Built in 2016 or Earlier You Are Due For an Upgrade in 2020

Working From Home

Now more than ever customers are checking to see if your business is open and what new guidelines they need to adhere to in your industry. Make sure everyone can access your information no matter what device they are using now with a Responsive Website.


Why do do we need to upgrade our website?

The simple answer is that technology has changed significantly since your website was first launched. In addition, Google has announced that, beginning in September 2020, responsive websites will receive priority in searches over older sites.

**Update : Due to Coronavirus, Google has pushed back this mobile-first priority date to March 2021.


What is a responsive website? Why does it matter?

A responsive website caters to mobile users by changing form based on the mobile device they are using and is Google's preferred website method.  According to Google, the majority of users coming to your site are likely to be using a mobile device now making a mobile-friendly website a critical part of your organization's online presence.

transition to mobile
Responsive Website

What are the benefits to rebuilding our website?


  • New Editing Tools: The latest version of our website software includes a facelift of our client admin interface, used by our clients to edit the content on the website (images, videos and text). This updated interface makes editing this content even easier than before and displays in a responsive design to ensure our clients’ mobile-first Google indexing is at its very best. Clients now have a seamless website experience on any device they use.
  • New Design: You will receive a completely updated design, via a start-to-finish process. You can keep the elements of your website you like and receive a fresh facelift where needed. This keeps your organization’s branding and marketing current, modern and credible, preventing an outdated presence.
  • New Features: You will have the opportunity to add new features, re-organize content if needed and take advantage of new tools available for presenting your content.
  • New Marketing: When the newly update website launches, you will have an opportunity to promote your business anew through your social media accounts, newsletters, and more, breathing new life into your organization’s outreach efforts.
Image Courtesy of Google

What happens if we keep the website as is and do not upgrade?


  • Website accessibility is hindered for mobile users. Your website will operate as normal for now, but it will not give mobile users an optimal experience. They will continue to be required to pinch, drag and scroll horizontally to read your content.
  • Your site will not be given preference in searches using Google.
  • As technology continues to evolve so does the code used to drive the software.  At some point older code may become deprecated (replaced by newer versions) leaving your website vulnerable. 

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