June 10, 2016

In May, we launched a new website for the Southern Ohio Chamber Alliance. Our team worked with them to create a website that looked good and functioned the way they needed it to. 

This was a rebuild site for us, as we built their previous site for them as well. For their new site, they needed a homepage that flowed nicely and a navigation bar that was simple. 

What We Did

Our team created a layout that worked with what the clients wanted. The homepage featured a large image with icons for the callouts on the homepage. This helped simplify the look of the homepage and the icons helped to tie in some colors that are used throughout the site. 

Their main goal of the site is to showcase their newest plan, which offers affordable healthcare to small businesses. With this in mind, it was key to keep the content as the focus of the website. 

On the Benefit Plan page, we utilized the “pulling” feature, which allows us to “pull” content from other pages to be viewed on this page. This allows the Southern Ohio Chamber Alliance to save time when editing the site and allows users to see all the useful information on multiple pages. 

Custom For The Site

During the site build, we created a page specifically for the Southern Ohio Chamber Alliance’s needs. The Member Directory page lists details about all their members and what plans they use. 

One of the features on this page is the search feature. Users can type in a city name or a zip code to see the 4 chambers closest to the location entered. Users can also search the directory by letter to find a specific directory alphabetically. 

The details for each member show: Chief Executive, phone number, address, email address, website, a PDF containing the benefits summary, and the benefits that chamber offers. 

 When a user clicks the different benefits offered, a window pops up with a description about that benefit as well as PDFs and other information regarding that benefit.  

Client’s Response

“Thanks for all your help, Jen. Very much appreciated.”

 - Matt, Executive Director 

This website showcases the flexibility of our modules and shows what we can do when a site needs some customization. If you’re interested in talking to us about your website needs, call 513.492.9008 or simply fill out our contact form.