How do blogs increase sales?

House with large front yard

You're walking through your neighborhood and see a couple walking on the other side of the street 

You run over to them and without knowing a single detail about their lives, you start shouting out a list of landscaping services your company offers, how long you’ve been in business and holding up pictures of the work you’ve done 

Not giving them any time to respond, you hand them your business card and run home. You anxiously sit with your phone in hand waiting for their call 


This is perfect! I found someone who didn’t know about my business and now they know my business! Sale! 

And waiting... 

I gave them all the information about what we do and how awesome we are. They will call. Give it a little more time. 

And more waiting... 

Wait. I don’t know anything about that couple. don’t even know if they own any property. 

The end. 

Instead of repeating this cycle over and over, meet your customers where they are with your business blog. 

70% of customers looking for your services would rather learn about you from your blog posts rather than seeing your ad. (Or being accosted on the sidewalk for that matter!) 

What should I write about for business blog? 


In this scenario, you assumed your neighbor owned property and needed landscaping services immediately 

The reality is: 

  • They are currently renting but looking to buy very soon. 
  • They aren’t even aware of what landscaping needs they will have yet, but they know they will enlist help. 

Now enters your blog post stage left. 

5 Must-Have Landscaping Tips for Every New Homeowner in Cincinnati 

That information is exactly what they are looking for!  

Your blog post provides maintenance and lawn care information they will need for each season in Cincinnati.  

You include your contact information at the bottom of the blog post inviting readers to request a free estimate on any homes they are looking at in the area.  

Congratulations! You are now part of their process and the right local choice after they buy their home. 

Consider these 6 questions to determine what you should write about on your business blog: 

  1. Who is my ideal customer?  
  2. What are the pain points they are having right now? 
  3. How can my product or service solve their problem? 
  4. What questions do I get asked frequently by first time customers? 
  5. What makes my business the best local solution? 
  6. Are my products or services seasonal? Can I schedule my posts to line up with the seasons? 

How often should a business write blog posts? 

Write as often as you can – consistentlyIt’s better to write once a month than 3 times a week for 2 months and then drop off completely. The more you write the more likely you are to show up in search results for that topic. Google loves to index fresh content! 

With Legend Web Works' content management tools, you can write several entries at one time and schedule them to go live on a consistent basis 

Keep in mind some of your blog entries will be evergreen – standing the test of time and remaining relevant for a long time to come. And some of your content will be timely and may need to be updated on a regular basis to stay relevant. 

  • Promote your blog posts in your newsletters and social media posts. 
  • Encourage others to share a links to your blog posts. 
  • Share blog posts with potential customers in your emails and proposals. 
  • As you write more, start linking to other blog posts or website pages within your text.  
  • Link to your blog posts, where relevant, on other pages of your website. 

How do I know if my business blogs are showing up on Google? 

  1. Make sure every blog you write has a call to action in it 
    This could be a phone number to call, a link to another page on your site with more information or a link to your contact form for customers to get started.  

  2. Track the traffic to and on your website pages to find out which blogs are generating the most traffic. Learn how to view your most visited pages and generate sales 24/7. 


Why is blogging so important for a small business?

We are repeatedly asked why blogging is important for a small business 

The answer? As opposed to an abrupt ad shouting why you’re the best, business blogs: 

  1. Rank in search results 
  2. Get your business found by your ideal customers, 
  3. Meet the needs of your customers right where they are.  

Start blocking time on your calendar to make this a priority for your business revenue today.

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