How Do You Effectively Use Social Media in Business?

April 23, 2012

Social media is an integral part of any business’s online presence.  People spend more time devouring content on social media sites than traditional media like television and print.  Mobile technology has further facilitated social media’s growth as people quickly and easily share information through Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn etc.  Therefore, businesses that invest the time and resources into developing social media presence can better engage existing and potential customers. 

Share Relevant Content

While anyone can connect through social media sites, the element of personal privacy must be respected.  Businesses that attract new followers with the sole intention of sending promotion after promotion will only hurt their social media presence.  Put yourself in your customer’s shoes.  Think about what they want to talk about, rather than what you want them to talk about. This gives you a better idea of what inspires customers to make important decisions in their lives.    

Get People Talking

Social Media is a great way to share pictures, take polls or ask pertinent questions related to an industry. When people see a business that interested in what they have to say, they’re more apt to speak up.  This builds a business’s social media presence as more people begin talking about them, which can lead people to their website; and ideally generate sales. 

Respond Quickly

Social media creates a direct line of communication between businesses and customers.  Therefore, any feedback received should be responded to quickly; regardless of whether it’s positive or negative.  Responding to positive feedback is endearing. Responding to negative feedback shows you’re concerned about the well-being of customers; and presents an opportunity to convert a critic into an evangelist. 

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