Getting Better Placement in Google Maps

October 26, 2011

Why is my competitor showing up at the top of Google Maps? How can I get there too?

In order to provide the best results for site visitors, Google has developed a Google Maps algorithom to provide the most credible website and closest results for the user. No one can guarantee first page placements on Google Maps. However, there are a several key elements that can get you higher placement in Google Maps.

1. Location of search: Proximity is important to the center point of the search query. Google pulls the IP address from the user’s computer to produce a list of websites that provide a location closest to the IP address. This means users in the same city can have completely different results depending on where in the city the search takes place.

2. Reviews posted on Google Maps: The more reviews that are posted on your Google Maps page, the more credit Google will give you which will lead to a higher placement. Encourage your clients who had a positive experience to post a review.

3. Inbound links: One factor that Google uses to determine the credibility of a website is inbound links. This is when other websites link to your website. In addition, the websites that are linking to your website have to be credible sites as well in order for you to get the most credit for the link.

4. Add descriptions/keywords/photos/videos: You can add business descriptions, categories, keywords, photos and videos to your google maps account. The more information you place in your account, the chance of your website getting better placement in Google maps will increase.