Franklin City Schools

February 1, 2016

At the end of 2015, we launched the new Franklin City Schools website, making it the 7th school website our team has created. 

What They Needed
Franklin City Schools needed a website that was organized and easily edited by multiple staff members in the district. The website also needed to be easy to navigate for parents and students. 

Our Solution
For Franklin City Schools, we created an organized website where parents could easily find the information they needed. The homepage has “quick links” at the top, so parents or students can easily access pages such as: Student Forms, District Calendar, Blackboard Connect, or Bus Routes. 

If a user is looking for something for a specific school, they’re able to choose the school building from the “Schools” menu. Each school building has its own page, but a majority of the content “pulls” from other pages. This means those managing the website can edit the text or content in one place and have it show up on multiple pages. That helps the staff update the site easily rather than spending valuable time adding the same content to multiple pages. 

What We Created For This Site
We created an Active Directory for the district that works on many levels. When the district hires a new staff member and sets up their email, the Active Directory will automatically create a username and password for all the log-ins the new hire will need throughout the school. This feature is updated nightly and this saves the school time since they won’t have to create log-ins for each new hire. 

Our team worked with Franklin City Schools to create a website that was easy to edit for the administrations and that was easy to navigate for parents or students. If you’re interested in our services, whether for schools or for your business, contact us here or call 513.492.9008.