Find Out How Well your Website is Working For You

September 12, 2012

You have a website in order to reach customers. Check. You intend to reach customers, build exposure and increase sales.  Check.  But do you know how well your website is performing in meeting these goals?

Legend Web Works provides Web site statistics allowing you to measure:

  • How people found you in the first place
  • How long they stayed
  • What pages they looked at
  • What day and time they visited
  • And even what browser they used (ex. IE, Firefox, Safari, Chrome, etc.)
  • And more!

What are your customers searching for?

Web stats should indicate the number of pages visited, the amount of content being viewed and the length of each visit.  Not to mention what they searched for in the first place.  This information not only helps identify whether your website content is engaging enough for your customers, but tell you if you are even attracting the right customer to read it.

How did they find you?

Perhaps one of the most beneficial aspects of website statistics is knowing how visitors found your website. Seeing which sites, social media accounts, or other marketing initiatives are generating the most traffic will allow you to allocate your marketing funds appropriately.  

Are your customers coming back for more?

Measuring "unique visitors" vs. "returning visitors" can help you identify seasonal trends and customer tendancies.  For instance if you are an office supply company selling binders, pens, notebooks, etc. you may notice and upswing in new visitors during August and September during the back to school months.  Then October-May more repeat visitors (reordering school supplies) and then June and July may be your slowest months. Staying informed with your website trends is the first step to reaching the right customers and providing content on your website geared towards these audiences.

Staying informed is only half of the equation

Just because you have a lot of traffic coming to your website, doesn’t mean that your website is converting new customers or generating new leads. Learn how Search Engine Optimization and Google Adword campaigns leverage these statistics to convert these visits to sales.  Contact Legend Web Works today! 513.492.9008