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Progressive Web App

Movie theatre web app on smartphone

Have you ever been browsing the web on your phone and then prompted to Add to the home screen? That is the gentle prompting of a Progressive Web App (PWA).  

If you own a smartphone a PWA is a fluid mobile web experience that you have already had without even knowing it. Unlike its native app counterparts that require you to download from Google Play or the Apple Store, a PWA can be added to your Home Screen without much fanfare. Seems a little anticlimactic right? 

Well, yes until you understand the reasons your clients, patients, and customers love them. Whether you are an accountant, landscaper, plumber, chamber of commerce or restaurant customers want an effortless way to find you when they need you.  

  • To pay your landscaping invoice or request snow removal services. 
  • To fix the leak under their kitchen sink. 
  • To fix their heat or air conditioning. 
  • To schedule their routine appointments. 
  • To buy movie tickets or register and attend your events. 
  • To view your menu and daily specials or to make reservations. 
  • To contact your teacher or school administrator.

And the award for the easiest way to find you on a mobile device goes to......... your Progressive Web App! People use their phones as a Rolodex of providers, services, and favorites and you want to be there when they need you. 

Why do I need a website AND a PWA? 

It works offline! 

Have you ever been driving in an area with little to no reception and searching for the address to an event or restaurant? Or your internet went out at home and your network service isn’t the best where you live. Wouldn’t it be nice if you could just pull up an app and access the information anyways? A PWA serves your previously-stored content and then loads the latest content when you come back online. Problem solved. 

Works on All Devices 

Desktop, mobile phone, tablet you name it. Your PWA is accessible anywhere you are. Install it on your home screen and enjoy low data usage and minimal storage requirements.  

Indexable and Shareable 

Unlike a native web app, (the kind you download from Google Play or the App Store) your PWA is indexed by Google, shareable, and can be linked to.  

No additional Updating 

Your PWA loads the content from your mobile-first responsive website. There is no need to constantly update your content in multiple places. Update your hours of operation in your Legend Web Works content management system and it will automatically update your PWA as well. Easy. 

Can utilize push notifications 

Unlike your website, a PWA has the capability of utilizing push notifications. Whether you are running a sale, have a new event, or an urgent message for your customers; push notifications can reach them directly on their mobile device. 


A Progressive Web App can keep your business front and center when your returning customers need you most. Instead of searching the internet for your website again they can easily click on your app and use a mobile-friendly interface to engage again. They will love you for it. 

For more ideas on how to put a PWA to work for your business contact us online 24/7, email [email protected] or call us at (513) 492-9008. 

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