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Vector Format

Standard practice when designing a logo is to use vector graphics designed using software like Adobe Illustrator. 

The major advantages are:

  1. The logo can be scaled as large or as small as you will ever need it without losing its quality.  From a huge billboard to a tiny sticker for your packaging, your logo will stay extraordinary.

  2. Making edits to the logo down the road is easier and faster. 

  3. If you need to use the logo in any other media type it can be adapted much easier.  If you are designing a billboard or creating a commercial for YouTube or Television, already having a vector logo will make your experience that much easier.

How do I know if my logo is in vector format?

  • For the most part, if your logo file extension is either .ai or .eps then the logo file is in vector format. You may not be able to open the file if you do not have Adobe Illustrator on your computer, but your designer will be able to.

  • Sometimes a .pdf file can be opened in Adobe Illustrator and be in vector format, but not always.  It’s best to send the file to the designer to be sure.

  • File types like .jpg or .psd are typically images of the logo and cannot be scaled indefinitely. 

What if my logo is not in vector format?

The design team at Legend Web Works can recreate your logo in vector format.  Basically, they will take your existing logo and “redraw” it so it can be scalable and edited easily in the future. 

Your logo will be packaged and provided to you in both color and black & white in a vector file format.  Printers, embroiderers, & designers can use this format to manipulate your logo for all of your marketing and advertising needs.

Learn more about website and logo services.

What if my logo is in Vector Format and I need some adjustments made?

Simply email [email protected] with your existing logo file and we will help you make confident design choices and provide the updates you require. 

What if don’t have a logo at all & would like one created?

Just tell us.

During website consultations, your project team learns a lot about your organization that lays the groundwork for your brand identity. Including this process during your website development is a natural way to help you define and build your brand. Learn more about website and logo services.

Email us at [email protected] or call 513-492-9008 to get started with a vector format logo that your future media contacts will be thrilled about!

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