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The entire web switched to mobile indexing March 2021

Franks Glass mobile website

What happens if my website isn't ready for mobile indexing?

  • Your site will completely drop out of Google's index.

  • The only content on the mobile version of your website will be indexed and ranked. Desktop-only content will be completely ignored.

  • M-dot sites might experience bugs where desktop users get directed to the mobile site.

What is the mobile-first solution?

Make your website mobile-first responsive with all of the SEO ingredients Google's mobile bot will be searching for.

A mobile-first responsive website changes shape based on the device the visitor is on. Whether that is a mobile phone, tablet, or desktop.

Our process for doing this is easier than you may have experienced in the past.  With a Legend Web Works mobile-first responsive website your project team handles everything from your domain, your website hosting, email, and training for you.

Why should I use Legend Web Works?

Put simply. Because we build our own software. You aren't bound by the typical constraints of WordPress or other website builders.  No limits! Why we do not use out-of-the-box website builders.

  1. Easy Editing Tools: Over the past 19 years our in-house development team has evolved our no-fuss, easy-to-use content management system that grows as your business grows. 

  2. New Design: Whether you plan to rebrand or just need a facelift our design team leads you through making smart design choices for your website. Years of experience will guide you through choosing the best layouts, colors, and font choices for your brand so you can feel confident in your choices.

    • Forget constantly updating WordPress themes and widgets or worrying about backups!
    • Forget hoping there is a widget compatible with your theme!

  3. New Features: When you make it easy to do business with you, your business grows. Whether you need new pages, registration forms, an online store, gift cards, or a password-protected membership page we have you covered. We have helped many businesses turn their manual processes into automated ones. Ultimately streamlining their process and relieving the administrative burdens they were facing prior.

    Need a mobile app for 2021?  We can do that too.

  4. New Marketing: And of course, promoting the solutions your website now solves for your customers! When the newly update website launches, you will have an opportunity to promote your business anew through your social media accounts, newsletters, and more, breathing new life into your organization’s outreach efforts.

Your customers are checking to see if your business is open and what new guidelines they need to adhere to in your industry. Make sure everyone can access your information no matter what device they are using now with a Mobile-first responsive business website.

With a full team of experienced project managers, designers and developers we support you during the ongoing evolution of your business.

Contact Jesse Kankowski for a complimentary review of your current site or set up a time to talk.

Step 1: Book a free website conversation

Step 2: Get a professional evaluation and solutions for your business.

Step 3: Implement solutions and track your results!

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