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Reduce Your School Website Workload

Reducing your schools website on desktop and mobile

School websites are one of the most useful tools a school district has at its disposal.  

Websites help facilitate instant communication, serve as a hub for information and resources, and allow teachers to disseminate relevant assignments and announcements.  

Because of this, each school website must be always functional and up to date.  

However, many schools want to save money while reducing their site’s workload.  

Many school administrators are tempted to use Wix or other similar cookie-cutter hosts to meet their school's needs. However, their site's capabilities often fall short of what the school needs, leaving their website lacking.  

The best route schools can take is to hire a professional web development firm, while focusing on reducing their website's workload.  

But what are the best ways to reduce a school website’s workload while ensuring that the site remains useful? Keep reading to find out! 

 A Few Tips for Reducing Your School Website’s Workload 

School websites can be expensive, especially if your school requires frequent updates and needs your developer to work overtime to meet your needs.  

Many schools consider using Wix, WordPress, Square Space, or a similar cheap site. At first, this can seem like the ideal solution for lightening your site's workload, however, schools quickly realize that these platforms are not capable of handling and meeting their needs.  

This proves to be especially difficult if the site is content-heavy or serves more than one purpose.  

Instead, the best solution for a school site is to use a private developer who creates a site that is easily updated and altered without massive code rewrites, updates, or refreshes.  

Private developers also carry the added advantage of communication. Instead of relying on a cheap platform to meet your needs, you have a real person you can speak to if certain features are not working. This reduces school administrators' workloads as they can get a direct solution instead of spending hours troubleshooting on a less suitable platform.  

Another way that private developers reduce workload? They make edits and alterations a breeze. For school websites especially, making updates is no more difficult than writing an email. It can be more efficient than an email, as all the information only needs to go to one place (your website) instead of hundreds or thousands of different inboxes.  

Finally, school websites are easier to expand when you work with a private developer. With Wix and similar sites, once you have your first draft, making changes can be difficult and oftentimes requires you to make small changes to the whole site. This greatly increases workload and can cause site malfunction. 

When you work with a private developer, they can add new sections, pages, and more with relative ease. This is because private developers build your site with room for expansion while cheap hosts expect you to make a one-and-done site.  

Get a Better School Website with Legend Web Works 

Planning the perfect website for your school is no easy feat. It is one of the hardest jobs a school administrator has.  

Legend Web Works makes the decision easy! Not only do we offer premium school websites, but you can even get your school’s site for free.  

How does it work? Legend Web Works helps schools find local advertisers to pay for spots on your school’s website. These ads offset the cost of your site and in many cases, school websites are completely free to the school.  

If you are ready for a top-shelf website that reduces your workload, then it's time to reach out to Legend Web Works.  

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