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Legend Web Works will be closed on the following dates for the Holiday Season: December 25, 2023 - January 1, 2024.
In the event of a business emergency, please email [email protected] or call 513-254-9081 for assistance during this time.

Introducing Legend Web Works New 6.0 Website Platform

Legend Web Works new website 6.0 launch with different technology devices

In 2021, Legend Web Works beta launched our new website platform for small businesses with the newest developments in website design. 

“We’re excited to finally put this platform to work for all our small businesses, schools, and entrepreneurs,” says Jennifer Howell – VP of Development. “There are so many website platforms out there that claim to be easy to use or that look the part but are so complicated by the way they are built that they can’t get any good traction on Google or Bing.” 

Mobile Editing, Enhanced Security, and New Website Features for 2022

Now Edit Your Website on the Go

Uploading photos from your phone to your desktop just so you can post them to your website is a thing of the past. Now you can upload photos, edit events, alert messages, directories, services, and everything in between right from your phone or tablet!

When 6.0’s predecessor, 5.0, premiered in late 2017 a mobile responsive website experience was top priority. 6.0 takes this a huge leap forward making it possible not only to have a positive experience as a visitor on a mobile device, but website managers can now easily make the edits from their mobile device too. 

“We’ve had calls from clients where they aren’t in front of their computer and need to make a minor update to their website content,” says Brad Bellissimo – Account Manager. “We are always glad they call so we can help them, and we are also very excited to give them the peace of mind that they can make edits from anywhere now.”

Website Security That Prevents Future Headaches

Website security doesn’t usually get the red carpet rolled out for it.  However, if you’ve ever had your Facebook profile hacked, your identity stolen, or have had to deal with a compromised website in the past you know how vital online security is and what a headache it is if you overlook it.

6.0 is an incredibly exciting platform because it both meets the developing needs of our clients, while also incorporating the profound technological changes that have taken place over the last four years including website security.

Website Accessibility

6.0 put a renewed focus on ADA compliance, ensuring that anyone can fully access your website, regardless of their ability.  Even if you’re just starting out, the Americans with Disabilities Act says your website must be accessible to those with disabilities. 

Learn more about Web Accessibility.

Fluid Page Layouts and Website Designs

We’ve implemented the latest design trends and clients have more freedom in their layouts and website designs than ever before. With an improved ability to customize your page, you can have your site do almost anything you want. 

With 6.0, the user has never had more power at the tips of their fingers.

4 website home pages pulled up on mobile devices

Level the Playing Field for Your Business

In the last quarter of 2021, ten businesses are already using the new 6.0 platform and nine have already made the switch from 5.0 to 6.0.

While 5.0 was (and is) a top-of-the-line website platform, it is still a product of its time. In 2017 when 5.0 was released, we simply did not have the same technology that we have today or the same lifestyle.

Security, design, customization, the user has never had so much power when it comes to personalizing their site. 

Whether you want a fresh new look, more compelling features, or the bragging right to say your site is on the cutting edge, 6.0 is the platform for you. 

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