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How To Improve Website Traffic with These 5 Beginner Steps

How To Improve Website Traffic with These 5 Beginner Steps

We all want more traffic on our sites.  

After all, traffic indicates interest and interest creates sales. However, building traffic on your site can be difficult, especially with dozens of competitors trying to accomplish the same goal, and vying for sales from a small group of customers.  

The good news is that consistent, steady efforts are the best way to build traffic over time. That means while traffic will not drastically increase overnight, there are many things you can do to build your traffic in major ways over a few months.  

It may not be the most explosive process, but if you want to increase traffic on your website, you can do so with a little patience and the proper technique.  

This post will go over some of the best strategies to try when you want to start building traffic on your website.  

These Strategies Help You Boost Your Website Traffic 

It takes time to build up website traffic. Any company or article that promises instant results is leading you on or trying to sell you something (if not flat-out fibbing)!  

If you want more real people (i.e., potential customers) to view your site, not just bots or paid agents, then keep reading!  

Legend Web Works has assembled some of the best long-term strategies to help you build website traffic with simple and effective actions.  

Improve Old Content with Keywords 

If you are serious about getting eyes on your site, then you have already invested in blogs and social media. If you have not yet started creating digital content, now is the time to start.  

Take a look back at old content that has not performed as well as you liked, is flagging in terms of traffic, can be expanded on, and revamp it with new keywords, more keywords, or better keywords.  

This is a very effective strategy as it takes only a short time and can have a huge impact on your site’s traffic.  

Try to include specific keywords and location-based keywords for the best effect. 

Internal and External Linking Site-Wide

One of the biggest things that site managers miss is internal and external linking on their sites.  

Take some time to go back and add links on your pages to help keep traffic on your site, show Google that you are a trusted source, and generally boost your SEO.  

Internal links can help establish a site-wide architecture and bring viewers from your most popular page to quality pages that are struggling. Internal links can help make sales, boost interest in products, and magnify your site traffic.  

External links, on the other hand, help build trust between you and your readers. Many site managers are reluctant to include external links as they worry that readers will leave their site for competitors, but the opposite is true.  

When you put external links on your site, it shows your reader that you are a source they can trust and you are prioritizing getting them quality information over keeping them on your site for your purposes.  

Here’s a pro tip: when you include external links, make sure the new page opens in a new tab to ensure that your page is still open on your reader’s browser. 

Create a Firm Blogging Schedule 

Blogging is a great way to include keywords on your site, boost your SEO rankings, and get more eyes on your page.  

However, one mistake that people make is that they do not have a blogging schedule.  

Many people blog sporadically, either posting multiple blogs at once or taking long stretches in between blog posts.  

For the best results, stick to a strict schedule. That might mean a blog post every week, every month, or more.  

Just be sure that you are posting regularly and that you are offering your readers high-quality information. 

Create Targeted Landing Pages 

When you direct a reader to a dedicated landing page that has the information they are looking for, you are more likely to convert them into a sale, than if you simply direct them to your home page.  

If you are attracting readers with an email campaign, then you want them to come to your site and purchase the product or service you advertised as quickly as possible.  

Create a tailored webpage that makes your reader’s job easy. There is nothing worse than finding a great deal, going to the provider’s site, then being forced to sift through page after page looking for the deal.  

Instead, create a specific landing page and your readers will be more likely to engage with your service.  

Engage with Your Community 

Websites are highly effective at creating small communities of loyal and interested readers. They come to you because they are interested in your product or service, you offer high-quality information, and they enjoy their time on your site. 

When you engage with your base, including customers, subscribers to your email list, other brands, and industry experts, you make it all the more likely that they will return to your site or make a purchase.  

This includes responding to messages on social media, creating an easy-to-use contact form, responding to reviews, following up after purchases, and offering exclusive deals to email subscribers.  

Be sure that your community feels connected, engaged, and noticed by their involvement with your site. 

Take Your Site Further with Legend Web Works 

Boosting traffic on your website is not always easy. It takes consistent work and a sound strategy to get the job done. 

If you are struggling to get your web traffic off the ground, then Legend Web Works is here to help! 

We have helped dozens of brands just like yours increase their website traffic and we can help you too.  

If you are ready to see your site's traffic skyrocket and make more sales, then it is time to reach out to Legend Web Works today! 

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