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Designing Your Website

Designing your website is your chance to make your business come to life online. Your website is an opportunity to highlight your product or service offerings and all the elements that make your business unique. With the right tools and expertise, Legend Web Works can help you develop and design your website with all of these elements -maintaining today’s best web standards and practices.

Tell us about your business

When you work with Legend Web Works, you’ll start by telling us about your business or organization.  We have consultations to learn the objectives of your business, who your customers are, where you operate, and what sets you apart from your competitors and more.  As we learn more about your business or organization, we begin the process of developing the look and feel of your website.

Find a design that works best

This is where your personality comes into play.  You’ll review different color schemes, website designs, and the custom features that will make your website unique. This is the time when you provide us with your own media such as logos, artwork, images of the product, videos, etc. When you find the right web design elements, we begin the process of designing your website.

Tweak the website until its perfect

You’re going to have questions, comments, and concerns about your website, which is why we review the site before making it live to the public.  After designing your website, you review the design and structure to make sure everything is the way you want it.  If there are any changes you need to be made, we’ll make the adjustments until your website meets your specifications.  Once your website is where you want it, we test it for functionality and overall appearance before making it live to the public. 

Contact Legend Web Works to get started

When you design your website with Legend Web Works, we walk you through the process of web design and development from start to finish.  After designing thousands of pages, we understand each business or organization is unique.  That’s why your input is so valuable in creating the best website possible for your business.

Contact Legend Web Works today to learn more about designing your website. 513.492.9008

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