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Five Roles Small Business Owners Should Delegate to Find Success

Five Roles Small Business Owners Should Delegate to Find Success

If a small business is to be successful, the owner must learn to delegate.  

At first, delegation can be hard. The business owner worked hard for years to develop their business, it is daunting to hand key responsibilities to employees who do not have a personal stake tied to the business's success.  

However, for a business to truly thrive and expand, the business owner cannot fill every role. It takes collaboration and the culmination of many people’s expertise to spur sustainable growth for a small business.  

So, what are some roles that business owners should delegate to find future success for their small businesses?  

Keep reading! Legend Web Works has put together a guide for the five key roles small business owners should delegate if they want to watch their small business grow quickly.  

The Best Roles to Delegate as a Small Business Owner 

The delegation, if done right, can take your business to the next level of its development. 

The business owner cannot be expected to be an expert in all fields. Sooner or later, they will need help from a qualified team of professionals.  

Before You Begin 

You might be tempted to jump right into the delegation process immediately. While it may be exciting to envision the future of your company, it is not the best strategy for long-term success.  

Try these steps first: 

  • Figure out the essentials. What areas is talent lacking on your staff? What areas are already covered? Do you need to promote within or is it better to look for an outside hire? 

  • Where does your expertise lay? Just because you are delegating some roles, doesn’t mean you as the business owner can step away. Figure out what you are best at and continue to cover those roles. Delegation should be used to cover your weak points. 

  • Choose your delegates wisely. Make sure the person you choose can be counted on to complete their tasks without constant supervision. They should have prior experience in their role or at least expertise in a similar position.  

  • Make sure expectations are clear. The employee to whom you are delegating should know exactly what is expected from them and how they can measure their success. Be direct and start small. You do not want to overwhelm your employee in their new role.  

Now that you understand how to prepare for delegation, here are five roles you can consider delegating. 

Delegate These Five Roles 

Here are the five roles small business owners should delegate to find success. 

  • Social Media Management. Social media management can consume a lot of time. Hire an employee who knows what a good social media account looks like and count on them to post high-quality content regularly. You can also outsource this to a marketing firm if you'd rather not hire an employee for this role.  

  • Customer Service. Talking to customers on the phone, responding to emails, and asking for Google reviews, are all tasks that will grow cumbersome as your responsibilities as an owner add up. Hire a pro who can focus on making sure that the customer has a stellar experience.  

  • Bookkeeping. Maintaining financial records and preparing financial reports can be a lot of work. As you begin to see more money go through your business, you need a professional who can get the work done quickly and efficiently.  

  • IT Support. Your computer broke down again!? Unless you attended school for information technology, you will likely want a team member who knows how to keep your systems going. Your small business can’t afford to lose a key client because your computers keep encountering problems.  

  • Lead Generation. It can be hard to generate leads and grow your business on top of all your other tasks. Further, you may have blind spots about growing in your industry. Hire a professional who knows the ins and outs of showcasing your business. Writing white papers, press releases, and ebooks, a lead generation pro will help you get discovered in your community. 

Delegation Allows Small Business Owners to Grow Their Business 

Your business has found some success, but in the long run, you will need to delegate some of your key tasks.  

As a small business owner, you must learn how to identify professionals who can help your business expand by covering your blind spots.  

One common delegation mistake that small business owners often make is believing that they need to add a new hire for every role they delegate.  

The truth is that it can often be more cost-efficient to hire an outside firm to cover roles such as HR, social media, marketing, and website development.  

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