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Feature Release: Now edit your website from your mobile device

6.0 sites allow you to edit on your mobile device now

Legend Web Works website platform version 6.0 is here and keeping your website up to date has never been easier.  

In December 2021, Legend Web Works launched our newest website platform, called 6.0. Designed to keep up with modern visual and content trends, 6.0 is capable of taking your website to the next level.  

You can read more about 6.0 here 

One of 6.0’s features that we are most proud of is the increased ability of users to edit their website directly on their smartphones.  

5.0, which launched in December of 2017, made each website created by Legend Web Works viable for mobile viewing. This meant for each site we made two designs: one made for desktops and the other made for cellphones.  

Now in 2022, we have taken the next step. Not only is your site viewable on your phone, now you can edit any part of your site with ease. 

Take Your Site with You on the Go 

5.0 was not specifically made for editing on mobile devices so, while possible, it wasn’t always easy to make any changes on your smartphone. 

6.0 was made specifically with mobile editing in mind. This means you can edit your site anywhere, so long as your phone has a charge.  

One of the best features of increased mobile use is the ability to easily add pictures to your site. This means you can add pictures of a worksite or event moments after they have happened. No more will you have to upload photos from your phone to your desktop, then from your desktop to your website.  

On 5.0, the editing tools were placed on a minimized menu on the side of the screen. When opened, this menu obscured the screen and made it almost impossible to edit your content.  

The 6.0 platform has a minimizable menu that comes from the top down so that you can see all of your content, even when the editing menu is open.  

Power to the User 

6.0 represents the massive achievements of Legend Web Works over the past five years. An increased focus on user ability is just the tip of the iceberg.

6.0 is taking business websites places that we have always dreamed of on previous updates.  

Improved aesthetics and editing tools help give your site a splash of hereto unknown personalization.  

The biggest step to improvement is the ability for every administrator to make minute-by-minute changes directly from their smartphone.  

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