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A Change in Leadership and a Vision 20 Years in the Making

Fitzgerald Family on their family homestead
Fitzgerald Family

Kedrick Fitzgerald and his wife Addie Fitzgerald have been leading Legend Web Works for the past 20 years. Along the way, they cultivated a community with an ultimate vision. One that levels the online playing field for entrepreneurs and small businesses while simultaneously allowing them to be present with their family. 

Recently, the Fitzgerald duo decided to shake things up and are blessed to share that their vision, which has been years in the making, has become a reality.  

Kedrick has transitioned to an executive leadership role, shifting day-to-day operations of the business to Jesse Kankowski, President and Chief Operating Officer; Kelly Grimes, Vice President of Communications; and Jennifer Howell, Vice President of Development.  

“The goal was always to cultivate a team of individuals who create more together than they ever could apart,” Kedrick said. “What we have now is a team that is using their creativity and experience to develop solutions, propel the company forward, and make work-life enjoyable in the process.” 

Kedrick now works remotely from his family’s farm where he lives with Addie and their 3 children. When he is not at the computer, Kedrick enjoys running their farm and establishing a homestead that he and Addie hope will be part of their family’s story for generations to come. 

Kedrick’s oversight of and vision for Legend continues daily, with the help of this trusted and experienced team. Together they continue building on two decades of growth, moving the company and its clients into new markets, services and opportunities with their creative and forward-thinking efforts.

“The incredible growth we’ve seen is a direct result of the foundation Kedrick and Addie laid down for Legend Web Works in the very beginning,” Kankowski said. “We’ve all learned a great deal from their servanthood, and we’re excited to move Legend Web Works forward grounded in it.”   Jesse Kankowski - President & COO

With excitement, the Fitzgerald family and the team at Legend enter the company’s 20th anniversary year ready to serve clients old and new with the best in online website development, marketing, service, and support.  

We look forward to serving you and your organization for years to come! 

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