Employee Spotlight: Jesse Kankowski

The Legend Web Works team is made up of a handful of unique employees. The "Employee Spotlight" series will give you a chance to get to know all the employees who make Legend Web Works great!

Jesse Kankowski

Jesse Kankowski is our Director of Operations. He oversees all general operations, billing, human resources, and training at Legend Web Works. He coordinates resources between teams in the office, works with clients and helps with solving problems that arise. 


How long have you been at LWW?

I have been with Legend Web Works since May of 2011. 


Do you have a hidden talent or skill that people don't know?

As a kid, I would enter Lego contests as a way of buying more Legos. K-Mart used to host Lego contests at their stores, so I would travel to different stores and enter the contests. They typically gave $100 gift certificates to the winner. I bought a lot of Legos that way.


What is one fun or interesting fact about you?

I moved 17 times before I graduated high school. Never lived in more than one place for 3 years of school. In second grade, I actually went to 3 different schools. 


What do you like to do in your free time?

Ask me in 8 years. As a dad of 7, I'm not sure what free time really is as I haven't had any in 20 years. If I can find a few minutes to myself though, I like to read a book or watch a movie.  


What is your favorite part of working here?

I enjoy the family-first mentality and how we are all a team that supports each other professionally and personally.