Employee Spotlight: Rob Frank

April 24, 2020  |  Employee Spotlight

Legend Web Works is made up of a team of creative, skillful, unique employees. The "Employee Spotlight" series gives you a chance to get to know us better!

Rob Frank

Rob Frank is a developer and designer at Legend Web Works. Rob implements designs for our new development team and develops custom updates for our support clients. Rob graduated from University of Cincinnati's Electronic Media program in 2014, where he also studied marketing. Prior to Legend Web Works, Rob gained experience developing corporate websites in the healthcare field.


How long have you been at LWW?

I started January 2, 2017. Starting that year off with a new job was very exciting!


Do you have a hidden talent or skill that people don't know?

I play Dance Dance Revolution on a competitive level. I’ve been playing for more than half of my life.


What is one fun or interesting fact about you?

I am multi-handed, which is different from being ambidextrous in that I use both of my hands for different tasks. For example, I use my left hand for detail oriented tasks such as writing and using tools/utensils. I use my right hand for more physically involved activities such as throwing, lifting, or ping pong.


What do you like to do in your free time?

I like to create music and play the guitar. I’m not currently in any bands but I really enjoy making music with my computer when I’m not too tired of looking at screens by the end of the work day.


What is your favorite part of working here?

I really enjoy the culture we have of "work hard, play hard." I know that sounds cliché, but we’re all successful at having fun while staying very productive. I love that we have the opportunity to play basketball or ping pong to get some exercise in during the day.