Effective Content Delivers Better Results

April 6, 2012

Developing effective web content can be a daunting task if you don’t know where to start.  Simply having a website isn’t enough to reach your target customers. Effective websites develop content to identify customer needs, deliver instant results and provide a call to action.

Speak to Your Audience

Remember, you developed your site to better reach customers and your content should reflect that.  Think about pain points your customers encounter and how your products or services remedy such problems.  If possible, write from their perspective.  Empathizing with their situation provides a clearer direction for what content is relevant; and what’s not.

Create First, Optimize Second

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) targets key words and phrases that generate better results when entered into a search query.  However, SEO writing can be difficult; especially when trying to tailor the first draft to fit keywords and phrases.  That’s why it’s recommended to write content first then revise for the sake of optimization. 

What Do They Need to Do?

Web content is virtually useless without a call to action.  Your business offers valuable products or services and your audience should know how to contact you with questions or requests.  Whether you want customers to contact your sales department or connect with your business via social media, it’s imperative to provide clear and explicit directions for them to do so. 

The web is a powerful tool for businesses, but only when used correctly.  Far too often, companies cut corners or overlook important aspects of developing effective web content; costing money and delivering poor results.

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