Drive Traffic to your site with QR codes

QR codes are a great way to drive traffic to your website.  With mobile web use on the rise, QR codes pose a major opportunity for you to build brand awareness or convert prospective customers into paying customers.  So if your business isn’t using QR codes already, here are some reasons you should start:

Drive traffic to your site

This is your opportunity to reach people who would otherwise not know about your site. A well-placed QR code associated with a call to action can grab the attention of people and inspire them to view your website.  For instance, the contact page of our site has a QR code that asks people to view our mobile site.  This is the area where people are inquiring about more information, making it the perfect place for them to see what other services we offer – in this case building mobile websites.

Make yourself mobile

A mobile website makes your QR code more effective. If people have to view your traditional website through a mobile browser, it can be difficult for them fulfill the action you want them to take.  Mobile websites are different from traditional websites in that they have a handful of functions in a layout that makes it easy for the user to navigate.  QR codes make it easy to reach your site - it’s up to you to make your site easy to use.

Give them a call to action

Don’t just direct people to a generic landing page from a QR code.  Rather, give them a call to action such as “sign up for our newsletter” or “Schedule an appointment”.  This lets the person know that scanning the QR code will lead them to the next step rather than having them scour your website without direction. 

Additional tip: When you place QR codes in public, make sure the area has strong wi-fi capabilities. Otherwise it may be difficult for people to retrieve the information from the QR code.

For more information about setting up QR codes for your website or mobile site, contact Legend Web Works today!