Do you have a Web Surgeon?

One of our key ingredients to our recipe of success at Legend Web Works is our web designers’ team.  We have the most creative, skilled, and talented web developers in the industry. 

What makes our web developers different from the rest?  How do they set the bar high and will exceed your expectations? 

At Legend Web Works you will find a team with outstanding experienced matched with a sterling reputation.


"I cannot express my gratitude enough! Legend has done a tremendous job of optimizing my web site, and the results speak for themselves. I receive at least one or two calls every day, and when I ask where they heard about us, they respond, “Google.” The SEO team consistently works with me to make sure I’m doing my part as well. I’ve been approached by other companies selling optimization services, and I can tell you Legend’s results have been outstanding, and their services are much more affordable!"

Matt ~Warren's Landscaping


Our team is here for you from square-one.  If you do not currently have a website, or would like your website rebuilt, and need an expert in the industry, Legend Web Works’ web architects and web engineers are the solution for you. 


"Being a "babe in the woods" as far as creating a web site goes, Legend Web Works LLC patiently walked me through the entire process without making me feel like a technophobe. They are quick to offer support and advice and that is exactly what I need. I am very pleased with my choice and would highly recommend them to anyone."

Jacky ~Mindful Wellness Massage and Bodywork


Your website should be unique and professional for your industry, that’s why our web architects and engineers custom build your website and implement your organization’s values, branding and ideas into the design of your virtual “store-front”.  Today we live in custom, craftsman built homes.  Your website is your virtual store-front, and will “house” much of your organizations’ functions and marketing strategies. Why not have the experts at Legend Web Works develop a custom, craftsman built website to reflect your organizations’ goals?

If your website needs a “facelift”, our web surgeons at Legend Web Works will modernize your website with current website trends to achieve a more “updated look” as well as lift your website’s SEO rankings.


"Legend built Kable Packaging an “SEO-friendly site,” which means that everything is set up with optimization in mind. Each month, we are seeing an increase in the number of hits to our site. One of the things I like best about working with Legend’s SEO team is that they educate clients on the different facets of optimization – which helps the process not seem so mysterious. Clients are involved in the SEO process, which I think is key in its ultimate success!"

Doug ~Kable Packaging


With our affordable prices you have everything to gain when trusting our web surgeons with the successful development of your website.  Check out what our current clients are saying about our team and services! 

Request a quote today and check out our additional service and enhancements.

If you would like to join our extremely talented team, please submit your resume to [email protected].  We currently are accepting resumes to grow in the near future.