Design Elements to Consider for Your Website Development

April 9, 2012

Good web design is critical to success for your organization.  When navigating your site, people should be able to identify you by name, know what you offer, and the proper information to contact you.  The following are a few elements of effective web design development:

Who you are 

There should be no mistaking your organization’s identity upon landing on your website.  The organization’s name should be prominently displayed at the top of each page letting people know they’re in the right place. 

What you do

Your home page should summarize your organization’s mission, with links to specific pages for product or service offerings. Your site should lead people to information they need and it’s up to you to clearly define where it can be found. Consequently, identifying and targeting keywords customers use when searching for products or services is common practice in online marketing.

Why people should choose you 

People respond well to positive feedback from others.  Often times, organizations use testimonials highlighting the positive impact they’ve had on satisfied customers.  Additionally, images of your products, services or team members, can provide an effective visual of the value you provide to customers.

How to reach you

It’s imperative to display contact information on your home page.  A phone number and social media links should be displayed in order for people to reach you immediately if need be.  Also, a separate “Contact Us” page allows you to provide a map showing your location and contact information for specific departments if applicable.

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