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Legend Web Works History

Celebrating 20 Years Of Serving Small Businesses!

For over 20 years, Legend Web Works has been making the web work for small businesses by producing simplified solutions that are highly effective and easy to understand.  

Our resolve is to continue leveling the playing field for small businesses with a tailored online web presence and easy management tools that deliver actual results.  

How It Started

Originally started as an IT company, Legend Web Works retooled into web development and has thrived in the field ever since. After relocating to Cincinnati in 2006, Legend Web Works has focused on producing practical solutions that give any business a leg up. 

Kedrick Fitzgerald

Kedrick Fitzgerald

Founder & CEO

Kedrick is our thought leader and culture creator. His background as a software engineer uniquely positions our product in the industry and continues to drive the company’s overall direction and vision. 

Under his leadership, Legend Web Works has grown from a small startup to a thriving team of project managers, designers, and developers with a family-first culture.  


Addie Fitzgerald

Addie Fitzgerald

Chief People Officer

As co-owner with her husband Kedrick, Addie has invested her marketing and communications skills in all areas of the business from support and project management to HR and billing.  

As the team’s lead encourager, she can also be found creatively bringing the team together to motivate, celebrate and maintain the tight-knit culture that sets us apart

We are steady, hard-working, knowledgeable, forward-thinking, lifelong learners. 

Legend Web Works Office Building

How It's Going

As of 2022, Legend Web Works has branched out into social media and content creation, bringing the same commitment to value that made us legendary in the field of web development.  

Our award-winning team of knowledgeable professionals has seen it all and has brought many companies back from the brink of collapse through proven and effective online strategies.

Our logo, two twin gears, represents the meshing of a grand vision with unparalleled execution. All our labor is done in-house, and we provide a small company feel while delivering service that regularly knocks out the Goliaths.  

Legend Web Works currently operates out of our office in Mason, Ohio and we service businesses nationwide including Ohio, Indiana, and Kentucky.  

Cut through the tripe and jargon from other web developers, and start implementing real, effective strategies today with Legend Web Works.

We'll get the web working for you! 

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