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Secure Way of Accessing & Setting up Your Emails

July 25, 2014

You may have noticed recently that some of your emails may be going to your junk mail folder that never used to in the past.  Due to the increasing wave of spam earlier this year, our data center added several additional anti-spam checks.  It is possible that emails you used to get are now scoring more spam points.

How you can ensure your receive the emails in your mail program

You will want to make sure you have “My outgoing server (SMTP) requires authentication” checked in your mail program.  You will also want to make sure you are sending and receiving your emails over a secure connection.

Please use the link below to find your email program and the proper configuration instructions.

How to Configure your email over a secure connection:

Junk Mail Folder Settings

In your webmail under the options tab there is an "E-mail Filters Options" link. 
After you click that link at the very top of the page you can "Enable/Disable" the Junk Mail folder and/or set it to keep the messages in the Junk Mail folder for a limited number of days.

Junk Mail

Enabling Spam Assassin

SpamAssassin is a powerful mail filter, which uses text analysis to determine the probability of a mail message being SPAM. 

You can increase/decrease the SPAM level settings in your webmail account.

The lower the number the higher the filtering.  Lowering the number may send legitimate mail to your Junk Mail Folder.

We typically start out at 10 and then gradually increase the filtering (lower the number) until we find a happy medium.  A 6 is typical.

Spam Assassin


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